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Game Info

MX Creator II

MX Creator II is a fully customizable motocross game. The core gameplay involves flying over the motocross tracks, trying to achieve the fastest lap times possible. It includes a rider with gear that can be any color combination the player would like. The motocross bike is also fully customizable, with different sounds for the different types of engines, and also with detailed suspension tuning. MX Creator II includes a built in track editor, in which the player may create their own tracks to be stored on their computer, or shared with a friend via copy and paste. The custom tracks can be played as well, and players via for who can set the fastest lap time. There are over 20 built in tracks that range in difficulty, each with their own fast lap leader board. There is an endless amount of customization available. Instructions: How To Play: Up - Accelerate Down - Brake Left - Lean Back Right - Lean Forward A - Preload to go higher (hold down to start the red meter and release before both tires take off to get the desired boost of extra height off the jump) S - Soak Up to stay lower (hold down to start the green meter and release before both tires take off to not go as high) Space Bar - Pause/Unpa

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